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Ambitious in teaching people a healthy way of eating without getting tired of it.

How I got here...

    Hello there! My name is Chrissi, a certified fitness nutrition specialist AND previous 116 pound weight loss acheiver. Also, my side kick and best friend, Chris might appear in this blog with his wonderful Paleo tips and recipes.You will hear a bit about him and his story further down this post.

  My story starts as far back as I can remember. I was brought up with little restrictions in my diet and didn't know very much about nutrition until my adult years. As a kid I was always overweight once I was school aged. I had gotten made fun of with many comments I still remember to this day. I guess if not all of us then a majority go through some sort of bullying in our childhoods. Kids are just cruel... as I'm learning even more now with the school aged children of my own. Maybe thats not the best way to start my story, but it definitely brings me to where I am today writing this.

    After my childhood years of being bullied and entered into my twenties I had gotten pregnant with my first child. We all know what that means, more human, more food! I ate more fast food than my body could handle. I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy and another 30 after I had him! My weight (and anxiety) were out of control! At my heaviest I was up to 240 pounds and on my 5' frame every pound showed. And none of it was muscle (Ha!) I was unhappy... So i started running on the treadmill while baby was sleeping and managed to lose 60 pounds before I became pregnant again. Once I had my second baby I had gained 30 pounds back and my body wasn't handling my weight very well. I ended up getting my gallbladder removed due to very high cholesterol and gall stones and also developed heart arrhythmia. And then... another baby! Three kids later, two being toddlers and one a newborn baby, I decided it's time to get healthy for the sake of my children, their future, and my future. I knew with the route I was going I was only going to spiral down into more health issues. 

     I began exercising daily, whether it was running or walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes or doing a workout video and even kickboxing, I made sure to get in some sort of sweat. And most importantly, I EDUCATED myself on food! Healthy food, unhealthy food, fat burning foods, foods with antioxidants, and foods that would keep me and my goals in check! Through my whole journey I gained a LOVE and PASSION for nutrition and more importantly educating others on what it takes to gain a healthy life style. After a 116 pound weight loss I started studying to be a personal trainer and certified fitness nutritionist to make sure I had even more knowledge to help others. I had gained so much health and endurance and happiness through the weight loss I knew I wanted to help others succeed in their journeys.

    I believe the absolute most important part of any weight loss and/or health journey is knowing and understanding what you are putting into your body. 

    So here we are, I have decided the best way to educate others is to start this blog and put it out there. I get many messages from all different types of people who ask for advice on nutritional eating and I figured the best way to give that advice is to direct them straight to this page. I get asked for recipes, so here you go! I get asked for tips on how to maintain being healthy because, lets face it, eating healthy all the time is HARD! But with the right knowledge you can make this much easier (and even FUN!) than you'd expect this to be!

     Please feel free to send messages asking topics you are unsure about and we will do our best to answer and be helpful to you. Thanks for checking us out! 


2018 An Avocado on Top By Chrissi and Chris

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