Avocado Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs!!! I absolutely love deviled eggs! But.... they can be so unhealthy when you're like me and can't stick to the whole "moderation" part of eating healthy when you eat something you LOVE! So I tweeked a not so healthy recipe into something delicious and nutritious with good fats, protein and delicious spices and ingredients to make this a go to for small get togethers or even a side dish to your lunch.

This recipe is quick, simple and amazing and who doesn't like that? I posted a picture of a fraction of the ingredients and ate them so quickly I didn't even get a picture of the final product. I will be posting an end result picture later this week when I make them again... silly me. It basically looks like a typical deviled egg only instead of the yellow filling it turns out to be a green colored filling from the avocado. As weird as that may sound, its actually not as unappealing as you'd expect and after the first bite you'll get over the weirdness of it all. With that being said, here is the recipe:



1-2 whole avocados halved, peeled and diced. (1 if you're making about 10 deviled eggs, 2 if you're making enough for your block party)


2 TBSP- Green yogurt, full fat

salt and pepper

1 tsp- Lime Juice

1/2 tsp- onion powder

salt and pepper

10 dashes of your favorite hot sauce

3 TBSP- Water (to thin out the mixture, may use milk if needed. Do not use almond milk as it gives it a weird flavor.)


10 (or more) hard boiled eggs halved and yolk taken out

I used my Nutribullet to blend everything together but you may use a regular blender or food processor. Blend all the filling ingredients and fill AWAY!!! I topped mine with paprika because I really like the extra flavor and color it gives, but you may leave that out if you are not a fan. Serve immediately after making because the avocado will turn brown after a couple of hours. They taste so good they won't even last that long anyway. 

Enjoy your fun snack!

Recipe by:



2018 An Avocado on Top By Chrissi and Chris

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